Trusted Resources

The best compliment you can give someone or something is a referral, and I don’t take that trust lightly.  Anything I recommend is something I myself use and/or is from a select group of resources that I stand behind 100%.

Drop Shipping Support and Training Platform

It can be a daunting task to keep up with the current best practices on Amazon and eBay.  Even if you could, what happen if you have a question at 2am?  The support and training you will receive from DS Domination at the Pro Level for just $19.95 a month is worth so much more!  Sign up HERE!


Here is a nifty tool, and the basic service is FREE!  Consider using LastPass to manage your passwords and improve your online security.  You can reduce your password cheat sheet to one ‘master password’ and access your information from any computer.  There is a premium version… it costs a whopping $1 per month and adds mobile devices and some additional feature. Well worth the modest price!  Get a Free month of LastPass Premium when you use this this LINK!