About Dawn Golden

Welcome!  My name is Dawn Golden and thanks for taking time out of YOUR busy day to learn a little about me!  Most likely, you are a multi-tasking (or an over-achiever) busy mom/wife like me, so let me tell you a little about my online journey… the pages here on my site will show you what I am doing right now to achieve great success!

Currently, my husband of 28+ years and I are semi-empty nesters, with our two sons being recent college grads and only partially living at home.  When the boys were younger, I basically sincerely disliked the idea of having to ‘go’ to work and having someone else be the main caregiver of our children.  This pushed me to be more creative, make efficient use of my time and devise systems to help me keep it all straight – I became a stellar multi-tasker!

While I still maintain a day job, my current goal has my husband and I retiring from the shackles of our 9-to-5 jobs in the next few years and replacing that income with a home-based business that can move with us.

Why the Interest in a Home-based Business?

Wow!  Where do I start?!  As a Home-based Business owner, the first things that come to mind are the tax advantages and write-offs.  A quick list of the most obvious write-offs would include: cell phone costs, entertaining, supplies, home office expenses and mileage. In addition to that there is also the freedom in my day-to-day schedule to work when I want to and the flexibility that will allow me to work from anywhere… it doesn’t really matter!  And the overall huge bonus is that my business can follow me to another state and grow to replace my day-job income as I get closer to retirement.

That is my overall  ‘WHY’  Well, that and paying off the college loans we took out for those two boys I mentioned and I sort of need a new car soon!  I really don’t want to give up the Soccer-Mom van, but it is getting to be time.

It was all Greek to me and I loved it!

When I re-entered the market looking for a Home-based Business back in 2013, I found the marketing arena had really changed substantially from my college days.  Over about an 18-month period in 2013/2014, I learned or re-tooled on all thing online marketing like social media, blogging, branding, websites, auto-responders, lead capture pages, attraction marketing, list building… you get the idea.    I always wanted to learn about websites and I did!  Clearly I learned a thing or two or you wouldn’t be reading this page!

Then I Failed… Several Times!

In my quest for a home-based business that was wrapped around something I felt comfortable promoting and offed me income, I really wasn’t successful…. at first!

  • Joined a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Company for personal reasons (weight-loss and vitamins) and thought… I can do this and make it work!  Well, only 2-4% of people are successful or even stay more than 4 months in an MLM.  As for me… FAIL!
  • Next I joined a company the taught me marketing techniques.  While I learned the needed skills for online marketing, I really had no products of my own to sell.  I made them more money and sharpened my tools, but as for earning income – FAIL!
  • Then I have a second look at a Home-based Business that is wrapped around a training and support program that teaches eCommerce, drop-shipping and retail arbitrage.  Finally – SUCCESS!

God Gave Me A Third Chance!

When I think of my experience it reminds me of a parable of sorts.  The short, quick version is… guy is stuck on his house roof in a massive flood. First a guy on a canoe comes by and offers to save him, next a guy in a motor boat and then even a rescue helicopter, but each time he refuses the help because he know God is going to save him.  He dies in the flood and when he gets to heaven he asks God why He let him down.  God replies, “I sent 2 boats and a chopper… how many more chances did you want?”

I say God gave me a third chance with eCommerce because the first and second time I considered starting such a business I was foolish enough to have poo-pooed it.  The first time I passed on getting involved with another ‘thing’ while I was learning the website and blogging skills. Plus I had just paid for the blogging training!  Then it was strongly recommended by a friend and I still passed.  When I finally accepted that blogging wasn’t going to be income generating for me, I came to my senses, and gave eCommerce a closer look.  Best decision ever!

Teams and Companies Are Important

After two recent failed experiences, I wasn’t about to make another bad decision.  First I researched the company (again because this was really the third time I was looking at it) and then I interviewed the teams or sponsors I could join under because I wanted a team that would benefit me and also benefit those that joined with me… and then I took the plunge! God brings us to where he knows it is best to be, so I know it worked out for the best!  What a happy day!!

Drop Shipping is My Passion!  I just love it!  The chase… getting the deal… the marketing… the keywords… the importance of a title… the psychology behind the thoughts of a buyer… it is all so much fun for me!  And that fact the people who are not in to any of that can be successful too… super awesome sauce!  Plus the thrill of mentoring and helping other to master this skill set and to be success in their own business… a pure rush for me and rewarding like a plate of warm cookies!

And I am still the busy, multi-tasking person who is working a day job, or actually three part-time jobs, and managing to mentor my team and maintain a profitable drop shipping business from my phone or computer in the evenings.  This is my ER (Early Retirement)plan and it is working!

Contact me for more information on what I am doing and let’s travel the road to success … together.

Doing more than just wishing you success… Helping you on your journey! ~Dawn Golden

PS- Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  I look forward to learning from and hearing from you also.