Being a Motorcycle Club Member

A motorcycle club is a group of people that love motorcycles. They get together from time to time but aside from motorcycling they can do other things. That’s because some members may have similar preferences so they can get together as well. Anyway, being a founding member of a club is good but there are those that would want to join a club. Different clubs have different rules and regulations as well as requirements for those that want to join. Now what do you need to consider when being a member of a motorcycle club. has more information on the biker patches.


What you should do as a motorcycle club member


  • By default, a member has to know how to ride a motorcycle. There are clubs that require their members to have a wide knowledge when it comes to motorcycles.
  • There are some clubs that require a lot of time and dedication from the members so maybe you need to consider that as well.
  • Members must also go to the club meetings. There are those that are allowed to have absences but maybe to a certain number.
  • These clubs have custom biker patches which serves as a symbol of the club. Being a member, you are responsible with your patch and there maybe repercussions if you lose your patch.
  • You also need to follow the rules of the club. We’re not just talking about rules inside the club but maybe outside as well. The club does need to maintain its image so they may impose some rules about it.


Just a few things to remember


  • You can always leave a club for whatever reason it may be. People can leave and join other clubs as long as they aren’t restricted.
  • These clubs aren’t required to be legally registered. Anybody can just make a club with a group of friends.


You need to do your part as a member if you want to stay in the club that is.