Are you amazed of the extraordinary Blippar for its smart app?  Have you looked at the world in a different light after downloading the Blippar app?

Allowing people to look at the world in a different way, Blippar has continuously developed Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence at the fastest rate.  A company with offices in several countries, Blippar has been used for personal purposes and for business marketings as well.  Started by Ambarish Mitra from an English pub, the Blippars’ growth has become unstoppable in the world of Augmented Reality.  Let’s have a brief look at the life of Ambarish Mitra. Author is an expert of ambarish mitra blippar, click here for more interesting information.


  • A current legendary guy moving from India to London, Ambarish Mitra has made his name in the world of e-business from a very humble beginning. With many setbacks on his life, Mitra continued to take on the challenges and eventually founded the Blippar with his friends.
  • With eventually getting findings for Blippar, this company has grown into a multi-billion company with branches in a few countries. Having significant achievements in augmented reality, Blippar has greatly contributed to the UK economy due to its augmented reality technology ecosystem. For his contributions, Mitra has met the Royal family and is also a constant companion of government officials for trade conferences.
  • Blippars’ growth has been unstoppable as this company has bridged the physical world into the digital environment. Getting rid of all the boundaries of visual searches, Blippar has enhanced the users’ experience online by building customized augmented reality experiences for all viewers.
  • An industry leader in augmented reality, Blippar has lead engine recognition programs by allowing the lenses to recognize what it sees. For this reason, Blippar has been used by big businesses around the world for the programs it has built for all sectors.

The Blippar app being used in 67,000 schools in a few countries, the Blippar app doesn’t need a specialist hardware to use.  Use this app as a bridge for different cultures in order to recognize the physical world better.